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What’s the biggest mistake guys make when getting their hair cut?

“I would have to say that the biggest mistake guys make is that they assume that a random haircut found in a magazine clipping will automatically look good on them.” 

We as men tend to be pretty casual when it comes to our hair and how it may potentially affect our overall appearance. To see a picture of a celebrity, like his hairstyle and assume it will work for you is a huge mistake many men make, namely because they’re not aware that a lot of unspoken thought and planning went into coming up with that specific look. Careful detail is paid to the man’s face shape, prominent features, and even facial markings, such as moles and scars, when determining the ideal haircut for each particular man.

When you look at a haircut and it makes you want to sport the style it simply means the person’s stylist did an exceptional job at making something very deliberate appear effortlessly natural. In turn, a good barber will work with you to either tweak a look to better complement your features, or find something entirely new to suit you. Men need to take the time and listen to their barber’s advice and opinion. And if your barber isn’t offering you a consultation before he starts cutting your hair, it may be time to find a new barber!

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  1. John May 29, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Interesting article and I agree with it. However some of us are living in places where a professional barber is hardly to find. My barber finishes the work in max 5 minutes. Even now, I have no idea what kind of haircut would suit me.

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