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How do I shave?… Great question!

I get emails from time to time asking me if I truly follow the steps that I have on my website (Craig the Barber’s Quick & Classic Shaving Tips).

My answer…

Yes, I always follow these steps!  Why? Not only do these steps work, but they work well.

You know,  we should all take time to consider pushing the reset button on how we perceive proper grooming, especially in the shaving category.  The face is the first thing someone sees, and first impressions still reign supreme.  So take a look at my steps and consider following them.  In no time you will see better results both on your face and in your social life!

Remember, the goal is to shave the hair to give a cleaner visual appearance.  Sometimes “baby butt” smooth should be left for babies!

Side Note:  From time to time I personally notice irritation on my neck from shaving multiple times a week.  So there is nothing wrong with shaving your face with a razor and your irritated area with trimmers for a few days.  Or, switch it up all together and  just use trimmers for a couple days to give your face a rest.

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  1. Alan May 10, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    I have natural, course hair on my face and head. It really iis getting out of control. I’m 36 and I’m trying to get it under control. Do you have any products in mind to help me maintain a healthy appearance?

    • Craig the Barber May 10, 2010 at 8:32 pm

      Alan, thank you for your question. I understand the challenges you are having with your coarse hair, as I have several clients that suffer with the same issues. Although I would have to see your grade of hair and growth pattern to give you a truly accurate solution; I can, in the meantime, recommend a few things that will help: (1) skip the razor and use trimmers to shave your face and give your facial skin a rest (Try Taler by Oster or T-Outliner by Andis) (2) to assist in a closer shave, try an Electric Shave Solution. This works similar to how pre-shave oil works for a wet-shave. (3) for visible irritation (i.e. ingrown hairs), consider an ingrown-hair aftershave balm. These are a few of my top picks: 3-in-1 by Lab Series, The Cool Fix by Shaveworks, and Bump Patrol. These suggestions will yield the same for your head as well. Good Luck!

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