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Guys throw away your wash cloths and your ahem!… loofahs. Here’s a better idea… the Japanese Exfoliating Bath Towel (Medium Texture).

Not only does it offer amazing lather with any choice of soap, it also acts as a daily exfoliant for the entire body, eliminating the need of ever having to purchase a body scrub product. It dries within a few hours, which means it’s travel friendly, pretty much bacteria proof, and it’ll last forever!

They come in 4 different textures:  soft, medium, hard, extra hard. My recommendation is to start off with the medium texture, lather it up really well and test it on an area of your skin gently at first, since the initial use may not be what you’re used to with a traditional washcloth.

Trust me, once you break it in, you’ll NEVER use a washcloth again!

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