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I notice a lot of guys opt-out of wearing undershirts. Hey, I’m sure they have their reasons… feels bulky, keeps them too warm or forgot to do laundry. Whatever the reason may be, I have “3” reasons why you should.

  1. Smell good. Look sharp. –  the undershirt works to absorb sweat and odor, keeping your outside shirt looking and smelling good! It also extends the life of your dress shirts by preventing permanent yellow sweat stains to ruin them-you know, the ones you bought with your hard-earned money!
  2. Contouring – helps your shirt lie flat because it covers body hair and *ahem, nipples.
  3. Prevent color interference – Ever seen a guy wear a white dress shirt w/o an undershirt? Sometimes their skin color overpowers the shirt color, not to mention tattoos!?

So there you have it. Three reasons to wear an undershirt, with the most important of them for TMR being #1-because body odor is no fun, for anybody!



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  1. todd iovino November 21, 2012 at 9:12 am

    just an aside…the reason that our shirts turn yellow under the arms is the use of antipersperspirants – the aluminum chlorhydrate. (can’t understand why they haven’t reformulated). Does antiperspirant actually keep you dry? Only if you have no sweat glands. You may want to follow Craig’s advice re: wearing undershirts, and just use deoderant to take care of odor.

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