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A losing battle… or maybe not!

I don’t believe that there is one man on this earth that has never worried about losing his hair. Studies have shown, that if your grandfather on your mom’s side, had or has a full head of hair, you’re in the clear!

But what about the guys that aren’t so lucky?

As I’ve stated in other posts, (see post: Going bald? Take it off!) you can embrace it by introducing your scalp to a new razor or the “zero” setting on a pair of clippers. If you aren’t ready for that, a different haircut may be in order. The medical route is also always an option, hair restoration surgery, Propecia, Minoxidil, AvacorRogaine.  All of these choices have happy customers, but they can also have uncomfortable side effects.

So, before you consider any of the above choices, why not ask your doctor about a new hair growth procedure that is gaining popularity – Low-level laser light therapy. It’s a non-surgical procedure designed to stimulate hair growth with multiple treatments. Patients report signs of hair growth after four to six months of treatments.

Hey what have you got to lose?  Ouch!…  Sorry!

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