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Your pores that is!

Of course you know how to open your pores, right? Warm waterSteam…? The purpose is to soften beard hair, allow easier skin manipulation while shaving, and it also makes cleansing the skin’s surface more effective!

So what’s the big deal with closing your pores?

Well closing, or the tightening of the skin’s pores, reduces the chances of them getting clogged with dirt or debris.  The most common condition produced by clogged pores is acne.

So after you’ve finished shaving or taking a shower, and before you apply an aftershave or body moisturizer, try a cold splash of water (See Post: Cold Water), a skin toner, or even witch hazel to tighten the pores. If you do these things out of that order, not only could these items possibly clog your skin’s pores, but they also have the ability to irritate the skin if they penetrate the skin too deeply.

One other benefit of tighter pores… a more even skin tone that brightens your overall appearance!

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